Team Income is a good source of making money. You not need to go outside and work hard to make money. You just need to make friends and allow them to join you with same venture.

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MARKPHASE MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED  is a concern directed by professionals with lots of knowledge & experience in Business Industry on their credit. It is this knowledge and experience that they wanted to forward to the community on the whole. Keeping this idea in mind, with great vision and leadership qualities, they have started for you and to be with you always....

For More details, you may call us at 95785-00042. Our support team will feel happy to help you at every stage. 

Business Plan

This is Auto Direct Selling Product Based Plan*

Means, people sale product in your network automatically. whether you do any effort or not. Because your upline can sale only 2 products in his direct sale and if he sells the 3rd product, then that 3rd sale incentive will automatically goes in your Sale Level 2. Similarly when 2 product sale in your Sale Level 2, then after those 2 product buyer, more buyer will join in your next sale only. This plan works in total 20 Sale levels. In which direct seller gets Rs.525 Income and all the Masters get Sale Level Income also upto 20 Sale Levels up. You can sell product directly as many you can and can get incentive @ Rs.525 per product. For complete details of the plan, please choose any language of your choice and click on that button or you may also call us at 95785-00042 if you need any more details.

Please note that if you sell more than 2 products, then all next sale will be placed in your next Sale downline levels.
But the good thing is that Rs.525 per product (sold by you) will come in your account only as direct selling income.

When a person, suppose 'A' directly buy product under your ID, you get Rs.525/- per such sale as 1st Sale Level Income. When any person buy product under 'A', you get Rs.25/- per Sale as 2nd Sale Level. Accordingly, you continue getting income on the basis of Sale Levels mentioned above under the title Sale Levels.

And the big thing is that there is no limit of selling product at any level. You can sale product to your friends as you want, at any sale level and can get the earning according to Earning Value of that particular sale level like Rs.525 / Rs.25 etc.

Every direct seller gets Rs.525/- on any Direct Sale. This is known as 1st Sale Level. Apart from this you also get Sale Level Income accordingly as shown below:

LevelsProducts Sale By You Directly(in Rs.)Your Income
Direct Sale Incentive2Rs.5251050

Suppose You sale the product direct to two persons then you get incentive Rs 525 each person and those 2 person become your team members and now they also sale product to next 2-2 = 4 persons then they get direct sale incentive Rs 525 each person and you get team sale incentive Rs. 25 each person, for more details please see chart below, 
Please Noted that total Sale levels upto 20

Your Team Members (Whom you sale the products)Product Sale By Your Team Members(in Rs.)Your Income

Change / Modification / Alteration of the plan is at sole discretion of the company*


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** The earnings showing here includes their Verified and Unverified earnings. To know the difference between Verified and Unverified earnings,

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